Tło Polish Jurassic Highland

Polish Jurassic Highland

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Polish castle in the final episode of The Witcher!


Ogrodzieniec Castle If you've watched the first season of the The Witcher series filmed by Netflix, the castle from the final 8 episode certainly did not escape your attention. This beautiful object is Ogrodzieniec Castle located on Janowski Mountain in the Kraków-Częstochowa Jura. If you haven't had a chance to visit it yet, do so as soon as possible!

Turystyczna mapa Polski

Polish Jurassic Highland

A beautiful land with a varied landscape, numerous monuments, a rich exhibition of rock outliers and mysterious caves, unprecedented natural values. The main attraction of the Jury are numerous medieval castles, or rather their remains, due to the location close to the idea of ​​eagle's nests.

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