Tło Polish Jurassic Highland

Dolinki Krakowskie Landscape Park

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The landscape park consists of spring valleys located in the Cracow-Częstochowa Upland. Closer it covers the area of ​​the Olkusz Upland and stretches all the way to the Krzeszowice Ditch. It belongs to the Jurassic Landscape Parks Complex. It is full of streams and numerous valleys with characteristic forms of karst relief. Possible trip: We started the trip from Bolekhiv Gorge. It is located northwest of Kraków in the Zabierzów commune. We entered it through the Bolechowicka Gate, i.e. two 30-meter limestone rocks set on opposite slopes. It is worth climbing the slope of the left pillar to admire the beautiful views. Going further down the valley we came across a waterfall. Finally the yellow trail led us to the Będkowska Valley. Walking along its bottom, we admired interesting rock forms that have been formed for hundreds of thousands of years in the surrounding limestones. The bottom of the valley flows a stream, which creates the largest waterfall in the Jura Krakowsko-Częstskochowska called "Szum". We change the trail from yellow to blue and reach the Bedford Source. Climbing almost vertically up we came to the Cave above the Source. There are lots of bats in this wild cave. We returned to the Bolechowicka Valley along the green trail.


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