Tło Polish Jurassic Highland

Ojców National Park

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It covers the picturesque areas of the Prądnik and Sąspówka valleys cutting the southern part of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland. Characteristic forms of sculpture formed in limestone - rocks on the plateau and in the bottom of the valleys (Hercules Maczuga, Deotymy Needle), caves (Łokietka, Ciemna, Zbójecka, Koziarnia), numerous ravines and gorges (Jamki, Korytania, Stodoliska). A large part of the Ojców National Park (88%) is covered by forests in which mixed forests, hornbeam and beech forests predominate. There are communities of grasslands and xerothermic thickets on sunny rocks. Numerous species of protected plants, among others: paternal birch, Panno thistle, steppe cherry, forest vermin, moldavian. In the fauna, turquoise blindworm, rock thrush, dormouse, long-eared owl, wild boar, roe deer, as well as numerous species of bats deserve attention. In the caves, traces of cultures from the Stone, Bronze and Roman times. The ruins of the castle in Ojców and the castle in Pieskowa Skała. An attractive area for excursions and recreation for the residents of Krakow (including the following routes: Eagles' Nests and Jurassic Valleys).


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Address: Ojców 9 , 32-045 Sułoszowa