Tło Polish Jurassic Highland

Stawki Landscape Park

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Stawki Landscape Park is located in central Poland - it is lowland and wetland. It is very small, and protects unusual specimens - rare species of birds and plants, but not only. Two rivers flow through the Park. These are: Pilica and Wiercica. Although the Park is in the center, it resembles a mountain reserve. There are many streams, streams and small lakes here. The most beautiful reserves that are here are 'Wielki Las' and 'Babski Las'. There are a lot of meadows here. They are beautiful especially in summer and spring, when incredibly beautiful and rare flowers bloom. You can find, for example, cress, poplite, forest snake or mountain abacus. You will easily find nests of black storks on poles, houses or trees. However, the keen eye will catch many species of lizards.


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